Volunteering Policies

The Breaking BEARriers Club Service Hours Recognition Guideline

1. For each project organized by the Breaking BEARriers (BB) club, there is an upper limit on the maximum service hours that will be granted to each club member. This limit is determined at the project planning and will be approved by the BB club board. During the process of the project, if needed, it may be adjusted based on the actual progress and situation. All changes must be approved by the BB club board.

2. Service hours per club member may not exceed 8 hours per day.

3. No service hours are granted for routine club meetings and activities.

4. Club members must submit the service log for their service hours within one week of the completion of the services to ensure proper and timely review and approval. The template for the service log can be found here, and it may be submitted to any of the BB club board members.

5. After the service log is signed and dated by one of the BB club board members, it must be sent to the Club Volunteer Advisors via email at bbclubvolunteer@gmail.com for recording.

6. The BB club only acknowledges services and service hours through projects organized, co-organized, or sponsored by the BB club.

7. The eligibility of any services and service hours is subject to the approval of the BB club board.  

8. Please contact bbclubvolunteer@gmail.com for any questions.