Low income and less fortunate families, especially during the pandemic, do not have the resources to receive a good education or even read a nice book. In order to tackle this problem, we are raising money for those who cannot afford to buy a book. The Children’s Book Project will be distributing these books to those in need and we will supply them with some books. In total, we hope to raise enough money to buy 150 children’s and teen’s books. Any little donation helps. We would like to thank you in advance because it really means so much to us and the less fortunate families

Sign up by joining our club, and updates will be posted on the club Discord and other communication channels

If you are able to donate books, reach out to us by email, breakingbearriers@gmail.com

Donate by GoFundMe here

Recently, the Breaking BEARriers club volunteered at Fertile Groundworks, a non-profit farm dedicated to producing organic produce for non-profits like Open Heart Kitchen, food banks, etc. Recently, the Breaking BEARriers was commisioned for painting a mural at Fertile Groundworks, a project we are beyong honored to do. We plan on returning on September 19, to paint the mural and continue help harvesting, planting, and mantaining the farm.

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Building Escapades (Partnership with California Destination Imagination)