Open Letter to Destination Imagination Community

Check out the Destination Imagination website’s blog! Our open letter is featured there!  Thank You Christina for making this possible!

Dear DI Family,

We are the Breaking Bearriers founded by a California DI team— the Gigantic Teddybears who have been doing Destination Imagination for 6 years.

We know that every team has poured their creativity, time, and effort into their solutions to this year’s challenges. We share your disappointment in the cancellation of numerous DI tournaments due to COVID-19, but Destination Imagination is not only about the destination. Destination Imagination is about using your imagination, creativity, and teamwork to make the world a better place, and the spirit of DI is much needed in these difficult times. In every adversity lies opportunity, and the novel coronavirus pandemic presents a unique chance for everyone to use the skills that we have learned from DI. Together, we can be a part of something bigger than ourselves because we all know that great things happen when we work together and share ideas.

We are all capable of greatness, so if we collaborate, we will be able to achieve something beyond great. We have posted notes on our mailboxes to express our appreciation for the postal service mail carriers, and we have written letters to our teachers to thank them for helping us learn remotely. However, more participation is essential in order to make a bigger impact. On our website,, we will post weekly prompts that inspire positivity. Then, you can use your creativity to come up with a solution, such as a social media post, poster, or work of art. Please tag us on your social media posts (our contact information is provided below), or send us pictures. There is no limit to your creativity! Imagine how much we could change the world if everyone found a creative way to communicate a positive message.

Please remember to always be respectful and be sensitive to others’ feelings. This virus is not funny in any way. Our goal is to help people get through this by spreading positivity. We would like everyone to know that they are loved. We are all part of one big family, and everyone should feel that way. Please help us make our vision of a positive, loving world a reality. We can accomplish world-changing things when we work together.

Stay safe and creative,
Breaking Bearriers
Instagram: @giganticteddies.di
Facebook: @breakingbearriersclub
Twitter: @bearriers

For the PDF file, please open the link below

Make sure to stay healthy, as the best way to keep others safe is by keeping yourselves safe!

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